Free Dyadic Cross Spread - Six Card Tarot Reading

Five Card Tarot Reading Dyadic Cross Spread - Free Six Card Tarot Reading

For any general or unique queries, the Dyadic Cross is a multipurpose and intuitive spread.  

(Card 1)PRESENT: Indicates the current situation and the Seeker's current factors and state of mind.  

(Card 2)OBSTACLES:What crosses the track of the Seeker. It may raise obstacles or hurdles that the seeker may encounter, or what the seeker may expect in the near future to cross his or her way. 

(Card 3)ROOT ORIGINS: The base of the matter at hand, or the origin of the Seeker.

(Card 4)PAST ENERGIES: The past forces or past energies that are now current and still affect the matter at hand

(Card 5)HOPES: The Seeker's hopes or speculations

(Card 6)RESULT: What is most likely to happen if the seeker continues on the current course.

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Root Origins

Past Energies


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